How Interactors get connected worldwide

The quantity of more than 20.000 Interact Clubs in 159 different countries is a big chance for Interactors to get in contact with peers all around the world – so did the Interact Club Corputius Duisburg!
Von Benedikt Hauswirth | IAC Corputius-Duisburg

Making friends all over the world – Fotos: Niklas Wiskandt

In 2015 the German Interactors helped the Interact Club of Bhaktapur Mount Valley in Nepal to raise money to support rebuilding and crisis aid projects after the earthquakes that had destroyed big parts of Nepal’s inhabited areas. This resulted in close contact between the two clubs. Through a member of the Nepalese club the German Interactors got invited to participate in the ActAsia 2015 in Sri Lanka. To be a part of the conference of the South Asian Interact Clubs with about 600 other Interactors was definitely the most impressive event the German delegation of four people has seen so far.
But the Interactors from Duisburg were looking for another partner club in a neighbouring country of Germany to have the possibility of visiting another club with even more members and to host international friends as well. As though by chance the club got a facebook message by the Interact Club of Szczecin International in Poland, who were looking for a partner club as well. Consequently the two clubs visited each other – three times so far. The German Interactors had the chance to explore Szczecin, visit a meeting of the other Interact Club and first of all make new friends. Each member stayed with one of the polish Interactors‘ family for a night before the two clubs went camping together – BBQs and bonfires are always a good way to intensify friendships – an event the Interact Club Corputius Duisburg recommends to any other Club to do as well!