Rosyne Award Winner – Project Saftzwerge/Little Juicers

Orchard meadows are an integral part of our cultural landscape and an indispensable part of local nature. However, the apples are being picked less and less, left to rot on the ground and on the trees. Meanwhile, the apples and apple juice we buy in the supermarket is coming from all corners of the world. Of course, the harvesting and maintenance of orchards is complex, exhausting and rarely economically feasible. But why leave the apple trees to themselves?
Von Thomas Beier | RAC Esslingen

Award ceremony at the DeuKo in München to RAC Esslingen – Foto: hinzmedia

We have a solution. The aim of “Project Little Juicers” is to harvest the apples of orchards together with kids on an activity day, and then process the apples into juice. The juice is then distributed to the schools and kindergartens, and can also be sold. The proceeds from the sale would go to children who live in socially disadvantaged families. The children get to know local products, food processing, how to reduce waste, and can develop an appreciation of food and an early awareness of the local nature.
The special feature of “Little Juicers” is that it is a regional project, but not tied only to Esslingen. The goal is to set up a professional concept so that any interested Rotary and Rotaract club in the district, in Germany, and even beyond can take over and implement the same project. As a result, we do not only promote the relationship between our three clubs in Esslingen, but also many other clubs worldwide. We look forward to working with you all, get in touch! Mail: